Examen SAP P_S4FIN_2021

¿ Qué es P_S4FIN_2021 ?

P_S4FIN_2021 es un código de examen para certificarse como consultor experto SAP FI en versión S/4HANA. El examen está compuesto por 80 preguntas y un participante debe terminarlo en 180 minutos o menos. Es necesario rebasar un 61% de respuestas correctas para aprobar el examen.

¿ Cómo aprobar el examen P_S4FIN_2021 para convertirse en un consultor SAP FICO experto certificado ?

Lo cierto es que los exámenes SAP son bastante complejos ya que no solamente están diseñados para probar que el participante tiene los conocimientos para aprobar el examen si no que además se desea comprobar que el participante puede aplicar los mismos a situaciones prácticas. Afortunadamente, nosotros contamos con exámenes de práctica con los que puedes entrenar varias veces y una vez que los hayas dominado el examen oficial incluso parecerá sencillo, para inscribirte simplemente da click en el siguiente botón:

¿ Qué temas componen el examen P_S4FIN_2021?

  • Simplificaciones en SAP S/4HANA

  • Temas básicos en SAP S/4HANA

  • Estructura organizativa en SAP S/4HANA

  • Proceso de facturación en S/4HANA

  • Datos maestros en SAP S/4HANA

  • Configuración S/4HANA

  • Tecnologías de siguiente generación

¿ Qué códigos conviene revisar como parte de la preparación ?

  • S4F05

*Como alternativa se puede considerar el contenido de TS4F01 + TS4F02

¡No lo pienses ya e inscríbete ya para comenzar a practicar y obtener la certificación internacional que te permite trabajar como consultor internacional SAP!

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Preguntas del examen P_S4FIN_2021


During SAP S/4HANA conversion, why is it necessary to migrate balances for FI and CO?

Please choose the correct answer.

Because the system displays an error if the sum of aggregated line items differs from the


Because all balances from the past years are stored in the universal journal

Because a delta between all line items and the balance of every account will be

updated in the universal journal

Because the system posts FI/CO documents for all missing line items by comparing them to

the balance of the account


What tool can be used for rapid database migration from any database to SAP HANA?

Please choose the correct answer.

Database Migration Option

SAP BO Data Services




Which values are stored in the Universal Journal?

There are 2 correct answer to this question.

Multi-GAAP postings with the RLDNR dimension

Actual costing results

Parallel currencies

Plan data


What report can be run to check the prerequisites for FI-AA?

Please choose the correct answer.






What data is migrated during system conversion?

All company codes for the years you specify

Only company codes flagged as productive with all years

All company codes with all data of all years

Only company codes and years selected in the customizing for migration


You are converting your system to SAP S/4HANA. In your system you have:

Three company codes assigned to a single controlling area.

Controlling area is assigned to fiscal year variant K4.

Two company codes are assigned to fiscal year variant K2.

One company code is assigned to variant K3.

During conversion to SAP S/4HANA, what do you need to change?

Change all company codes and the controlling area to fiscal year variant K2

Change all company codes to fiscal year variant K4

Change all company codes to fiscal year variant K2

Change the controlling area to fiscal year variant K3


On which levels can you assign semantic tags to a financial statement version in SAP Fiori?


Business area

Financial statement item

G/L account

Functional area


What function is delivered with business function EA-FIN to support SAP S/4HANA?

New Depreciation Calculation Engine

Parallel ledgers

Parallel depreciation areas

Special valuations


Which ledger-specific configuration can you maintain at company code level?

Posting period variant

Workflow variant

Credit control Area

Maximum exchange rate deviation


Your customer uses the ledger approach for parallel accounting. During conversion to SAP

S/4HANA, which configurations will be required?

Assign accounting principles to all depreciation areas

Convert accounts of parallel valuations to asset reconciliation accounts

Configure depreciation areas to no longer post to the general ledger

Define the document type for the accounting principle-specific documents


A customer wants to analyze a G/L account, which presents asset acquisition values, on an

investment order.

What do you maintain in the G/L account master record to achieve this?

Set the G/L account type to non-operating expenses or income

Define the G/L account as an asset reconciliation account

Select the Record Account Assignment indicator

Enter value 90 in the cost element category field


What are the key components of the Intelligent Enterprise by SAP?

Seamless integration

Intelligent suite

Hybrid Cloud

Intelligent technologies

Digital platform


Before conversion to SAP S/4HANA, which activities must be completed in the SAP ERP

system for Asset Accounting?

Assign accounting principles to all depreciation areas

Activate enterprise extension EA-FIN

You must ensure that all the relevant depreciation areas for parallel currencies exist

Define a technical clearing account for integrated acquisitions

Close all fiscal years except the current fiscal year


Your customer uses classic G/L and asks for possibilities to implement new functionalities.

What functionality can be activated during the conversion?

Additional FI currency

Account-based CO-PA

Document splitting

Transfer prices


Which data can be transferred to both account-based CO-PA and costing-based CO-PA?


Split of cost of goods sold according to the cost component split

Statistical sales conditions

Variances to Work in Process (WIP) values


In which one of the following scenarios can you indicate that an account is also a statistical

cost element?

It is used as balance sheet account in fixed assets accounting

It is used as a Work in Process (WIP) inventory account in the material account


It is used as revenue account in the sales account assignment

It is used as special reserve balance account in fixed asset accounting


For which parameters can you define the minimum life to maintain documents in Financial

Accounting for data aging?

Ledger group

Document number

Account type

Document type


What is required to enable the payment approval process in cash operations?

Create a rule for approvals

Create a rule to require signature

Define a grouping method for the created rules

Define signature methods for approvals

Create scenario without approval


What must you create before you can record commitments in the universal journal?

Extension ledger

Mapping for condition types

CO planning version

Non-leading Standard ledger


In your system, you are creating a new company code that requires an additional Standard

ledger. Which statements apply to a Standard ledger?

It must be assigned to an underlying ledger

You can set a Posting Period variant when assigning the Standard Ledger to the

company code

It is always active on the client level for all company codes

A Ledger group is created when you save the Standard Ledger


What setting must be identical between the company code and controlling area?

The chart of accounts

The fiscal year variant

The posting period variant

The accounting principle


Which type of extension ledger do you set up to record incoming sales orders for account-

based profitability analysis?


'C' - Controlling-only postings

‘P’ - Prediction and commitments



What is the maximum number of currencies that can be defined in a ledger configuration?






What does the 'Parallel Accounting using G/L Accounts' indicator in ledger configuration

allow you to do?

Indicates that for the given company code parallel accounting will be carried out

according to the accounts approach and therefore assign multiple accounting

principles to one ledger

Indicates that for the given company code parallel accounting will be carried out according

to the ledger approach and therefore assign multiple ledgers to one accounting principle

Indicates that for the given company code parallel accounting will be carried out according

to the accounts approach and therefore assign multiple valuation areas to one company code

Indicates that for the given company code parallel accounting will be carried out according

to the ledger approach and therefore assign multiple ledgers to one company code


What enhancements are provided with extension EA-FIN?

Accrual Engine

Depreciation Engine in Asset Accounting

Document splitting

Segment reporting


What are some features of actual costing in SAP S/4HANA?

Reduced number of steps in the Calculation Cockpit

Selection of activity prices of other CO-version in the standard run

Simplified data structure with new table structure

Possibility of post closing in the alternative valuation run


Which objects do you need to configure in SAP S/4HANA after a conversion from classic


Document type

Currency type

Valuation area

Accounting principle


Which of the following are available methods of valuation for depreciation areas?

Area does not post any values to FI

Area posts depreciation only

Area posts assets values and depreciation periodically

Area posts APC and depreciation periodically


What customizing option is available during the conversion project of an SAP ERP system

with classic G/L to SAP S/4HANA?

Introduce document splitting

Add an extension ledger

Implement a new currency type

Replace the accounts approach with the ledger approach


Select the correct statements about Asset Classes in SAP S/4HANA.

An asset class can be linked to multiple Charts of Depreciation

You can suppress individual depreciation areas depending on the asset class

You can never suppress individual depreciation areas depending on the asset class

Asset classes no longer determine the screen layout


Select the correct statements about Universal Journal extensibility.

The Universal Journal can be extended with customer-specific fields

Extensibility is available for all components that use the Universal Journal

A coding block has to be released in order for Universal Journal extensibility to work

HANA-based reports cannot access the customer-specific fields


In what system is it important to perform all system conversion steps to identify and solve

conversion errors?


Quality Assurance




What is the purpose of a retraction workbook?

Retract planning data from ERP to BW

Retract planning data from ERP to BPC

Retract planning data from BPC to ERP

Retract planning data from BW to ERP


You start your first sandbox migration and get a lot of errors. How are errors in an SAP

S/4HANA migration handled?

Errors must be clarified, and uncritical errors can be ignored

All errors related to closed years can be ignored

Critical errors must be resolved in the production system before Go Live

All errors must be corrected during migration to complete it


A customer wants to store alternative values of a Foreign Currency Valuation in an

extension ledger. What extension ledger type is needed for this purpose?




Prediction and commitments


Which technologies help you decrease data volume in the SAP HANA database?






In Controlling, you run an Assessment Cycle but no postings are made because the posting

period is not open. Which period interval or intervals do you need to maintain so that the

results of the assessment can be posted without allowing other FI postings?

The first and second interval

Only the third interval

The first and third interval

Only the second interval


When does a document posted in controlling become visible in financial accounting?

When document splitting is active for the company code

When real-time integration is active for the company code

When FI account assignments are changed

When any primary or secondary cost and revenue accounts are posted


Select the field that is used in tables such as ACDOCA to accomplish Multi-GAAP capability.






Your customer wants to convert their SAP ERP under Classic General Ledger to SAP

S/4HANA. What system customizing options will be available for the customer within the

converted system?

Implementation of chart of accounts conversion

Implementation of additional currency type

Implementation of additional ledgers for parallel accounting

Implementation of document splitting


An asset is being acquired through integration with procurement. How is the asset

acquisition value posted if the goods receipt is not valuated?

The asset is capitalized during invoice verification

The valuated acquisition is posted at settlement

The valuated acquisition is posted at invoice receipt

The non-valuated acquisition is posted at goods receipt


What is posted at the same time to both account-based and costing-based profitability


Actual revenue

Standard cost of goods sold

Incoming sales orders

Actual cost of goods sold


What business function has to be activated to execute the conversion from customers or

vendors to business partners?






What do you manage within Cash Operations of SAP Cash Management?

Credit limits for customer accounts

Hedging and hedging contracts

Bank risk analysis and risk mitigation

Monitoring the status of incoming bank statements

Daily cash position, deficits, and surpluses


In a first step, you create an account with account type "secondary cost element" and cost

element category "42" in controlling area A000 and company code 1010. In a second step,

you change this account to cost category "43" in company code 1800, which is assigned to

the same controlling area. What is the effect in the system when you save this account?

The cost element category is different in the two company codes if there are no postings in

any company code

You receive an error message stating that the cost element category must not be

changed for secondary cost elements if there are already postings in any company


This system brings up an error message and rejects the change only if there are already

postings in company code 1800

The cost element category in the account is also changed for company code 1010 if

there are no postings in any company code


You want to create a Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement on segment level. Which

steps do you need to take in the system?

Set the zero-balance indicator

Define a PA Transfer Structure

Assign a segment to all G/L accounts

Define a clearing account


You are performing a system conversion for a customer that uses Classic General Ledger

with the Accounts Approach to parallel accounting. What must you configure in SAP

S/4HANA for local and international accounting standards in order to migrate the values?

Standard ledgers

Document types

Valuation areas in Financial Accounting

Ledger groups

Accounting principles


You select the configuration option 'Set Migration to Complete' in the conversion of

Accounting to SAP S/4HANA. What are prerequisites for this action?

Migration for logistics can begin

The previous year can be reopened

Customizing is consistent

All error messages have been solved

All views have been generated successfully


Which reports are included with SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics?

Multidimensional reports

SAP Lumira reports

SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office reports

Analytical List Page reports


What is the earliest point in time that the attributed profitability segments can be derived?

When you settle the cost to Profitability Analysis

When you run the results analysis for cost objects

When you run the realignment in profitability analysis

When you post the primary cost document


What transaction has to be executed to set the migration to complete?






Which information will be migrated automatically during an SAP S/4HANA Finance


Business partners customizing

General ledger customizing

Account balances

Material ledger customizing



For which functionality is productive Material Ledger a prerequisite?

Actual activity price determination

Parallel valuation for transfer pricing

Parallel currencies in the universal journal

Actual costing


In SAP S/4HANA, what function of Cash Management allows you to create historical

versions of cash flows?

Reconcile cash flows

Cash flows freezing

Cash pooling



At which level do you define that a G/L account is a secondary cost account?

Operating concern

Company code

Controlling area

Chart of accounts


Your customer has created a custom ABAP report in an SAP ERP system based on totals

table GLT0. How is this totals table treated in SAP S/4HANA to safeguard custom ABAP

reporting programs?

The balances of the table are posted as additional line items in the universal journal

The table is treated as a transient provider using BW query functionality

The entries of the table are converted into column store

A compatibility view is generated


You create a G/L account and set the cost element category to 42 - Assessment. In what

table is the cost element category updated?

CSKB: Cost Elements - Data Dependent on Controlling Area

CSKA: Cost Elements - Data Dependent on chart of Accounts

SKB1: G/L Account Master - Company Code

SKA1: G/L Account Master - Chart of Accounts


Why will the system issue an error message stating that "Primary cost element ABC (type 1)

is not found in chart of accounts XYZ" during migration?

There is an entry in table CSKA of controlling but no entry in table SKA1

There is an entry in table CSKB of controlling but no entry in table SKA1

There is an entry in table CSKA of controlling but no entry in table SKB1

There is an entry in table SKA1 but no entry in table SKB1


What SAP Fiori app should be used to leverage the Machine Learning service for goods

and invoice receipt reconciliation?

Business Reconciliation Report

Confirm Receipt of Goods

Post Goods Receipt for inbound Delivery

Reconcile GR/IR Accounts