Difference between C_HANATEC_16 and C_HANADEV_16

What is the difference between C_HANATEC_16 and C_HANADEV_16?

We know both are exam codes to get certified as a SAP HANA consultant in version 2.0 but then what is the difference? First of all, you should not think that because you approved one then you can can easily approve the other because the questions are really different.

The main difference between C_HANATEC_16 and C_HANADEV_16 is that C_HANADEV_16 has questions about application development, OData services, SQLScript, SAP HANA XSA, SAPUI5, using Git for source code management to mention a few.

In contrast, C_HANATEC_16 is about LPAR configuration settings, DMO of SUM, _SYS_STATISTICS system schema and other system schemas, and in general it is about admin tasks.

Let’s remember that C_HANATEC_16 is the exam for SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP HANA 2.0 and you should consider this certification if you want to get into the hardware and installation process, sizing, database migration, system architecture, deployment options, SAP HANA MDC systems, and you should be comfortable using SAP HANA Cockpit and SAP HANA Studio and XS Advanced Command-Line Client (CLI).

C_HANADEV_16 is the exam for SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP HANA 2.0 and that is the reason you should go for this certification if you want to work more with application development, SQLScript, Data Services, others and you should be comfortable using SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA and SAP HANA Studio.

Both exams are really though but we have already created the exam guide for C_HANATEC_16 which you can access HERE and the the exam guide for C_HANADEV_16 which you can access HERE.

Do I really have to choose? Can I get both certifications?

The good news is that as you might be aware SAP will only grant you a certification if you apply for CER006 Certification in the Cloud exams. And some great news is that with CER006 you will have 6 attempts. Therefore, if you prepare with our guides and you approve on your first attempt say C_HANATEC_16 then you can use your second attempt for C_HANADEV_16, and then you could apply for C_HANAIMP_16, and so on and so forth!

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