SAP PaPM Sample Content

What sample content is available out-of-the-box for SAP Profitability and Performance Management?

SAP PaPM (SAP Profitability and Performance Management) was created for a first customer, an insurance company,  looking for a tool to process massive amounts of data on millions and customers.

The request was for a tool to process complex calculations and allocations in seconds (or minutes at most). For example, cost allocations not only at the customer level, but at a lower level: the contract level so that later it was possible to calculate profitability at the same level (profitability at the contract level).

PaPM was born!

Then, SAP understood that PaPM is such a great tool that it was necessary to help additional customers to start using the tool right away and because of that SAP developed and released ready-to-use templates

Therefore, it is important both for SAP PaPM Consultants and customers to understand the templates.

For an SAP PaPM consultant this is mandatory and for customers it is important because then they can communicate better with the consultants and they can request the use of specific templates.

List of SAP PaPM sample content templates

The first batch of PaPM templates was developed and released in 2018 and of course, the idea is that any customer regardless of the industry they compete can use the tool right away.

The templates for this batch are::

Profitability and Cost Management

Agile Plan and Forecast

IT Cost Management

Funds and Liquidity Transfer Pricing

But of course, SAP didn’t stop there and because of that and after some adjustments to the Profitability and Cost Management template they released additional templates for Airline Profitability and Telecommunications Profitability to name a few more.