SAP PaPM Tutorial (SAP Tutorial Profitability and Performance Management)

SAP PaPM Tutorial - Create a new PaPM Environment

In this SAP PaPM Tutorial we will show the steps to create a new Environment using the My Environments Fiori App.

How can I become an SAP PaPM Consultant ?

To become an SAP PaPM Consultant you need to learn how to carry out Modeling tasks such as the creation of Environments, of PaPM Functions to read data, then you should be able to create functions to enrich and join data so that all the "raw data" can be then processed with calculations, derivations and allocations to produce reports, forecasts and queries that can be consumed by end-users such as managers. You can start learning today for free if you enroll using the next button or contact us for more information using

PaPM My Environments Fiori app

Click Edit

Edit PaPM Environment

Select the folder for your new Environment

PaPM Environment Folder

Click the + icon (Add new Environment)

Add Environment PaPM

In the pop-up select the One Level Below option to have the Environment indented correctly

PaPM One Level Below

Type the id for the new Environment (i.e. SX1)

PaPM Environment ID

Type the Version for the new PaPM Environment (i.e. 1)

PaPM Environment Version

Type the Description for the new PaPM Environment (i.e. First Environment SAPEXP)

PaPM Environment Description

Confirm that all the values are correct and if they are click OK

PaPM Confirmation

Save the new Environment

Save PaPM Environment

Close the confirmation message

PaPM Confirmation message

To open the details for your Environment please select the line for your new Environment

SAP PaPM Environment details

To open Click Continue (Top-Left corner)

PaPM Continue to Environment

Result: The new PAPM Environment is created and ready for use

New PaPM Environment

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