SAP PaPM Tutorial (SAP Tutorial Profitability and Performance Management)

SAP PaPM Tutorial - Create a new Model View Function

In this SAP PaPM Tutorial we will show the steps to create a new Model View Function using the My Environments Fiori App.

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We are now in the details for our environment and the section to the left of the screen is the Function Tree and everything is grayed out so we need to click the Edit (Pencil icon)

Edit the SAP PaPM Function Tree

This will enable multiple buttons but right now we need to click the + (Add Function)

Add Function PaPM Model Type

Select the option One Level to have the new function correctly organized in the Function Tree

SAP PaPM will propose the identification number for the new function but we can edit that one if needed. For our example we will modify and use RDHAN as the identification

PaPM ID of Model Type Function

Next we need to enter a description for the new function (i.e. Read from HANA Table)

Description of PaPM Function

For each function it is necessary to select the correct Function Type and for our scenario that means that we have to select the Model View

Model View Function Type SAP PaPM

Confirm that all the values are correct and if they are... click continue (i.e. OK)

Now we need to select HANA Table as the source for our new Model View function

HANA Table as a source for SAP PaPM

Next, we need to select the SAP HANA Authoring Schema

HANA Authoring Schema

And then using the matchcode we should look for the HANA Table

After entering the id of the table (i.e. ZFS350T3) we need to click Search

PaPM Search HANA Table

And from the list we now have to double click the HANA Table

Result: HANA table ZFS350 has been selected as the source

Now we have to save the definition of the Model View Function (click SAVE Top-Left Corner)

Save Model View Function SAP PaPM

Close the confirmation message

Now we have to activate the Model View Function (click Activate Top-Right Corner)

Activate SAP PaPM Function Model View Type

Close the activation message

Result: The information stored in the SAP HANA Table is now available for us to use in SAP PaPM and we even have the data model in the current screen for the Model View Function definition (Three columns: One for the Material ID, the second for the Material Type and finally the third one for the Material price)

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