What are some of the most important advantages of SAP PaPM ?

What are some of the main advantages of SAP Profitability and Performance Management?

Right from the start PaPM was designed from scratch as a tool for which the replication of data -from the sources of data- is to be avoided.

The advantages are many, first it is not necessary to acquire additional storage but probably the greatest advantage is that we will always have access to the latest version of the data.

This is the recommended approach but it is also important to be clear and let you know that if it is needed PaPM has the capacity to store data.

What are the minimum requirements for SAP PaPM?

But of course for PaPM to work and deliver the expected performance it is necessary to comply with some minimum requirements for reading and for writing data which are as follows:

  • 3 GB per minute for reading

  • 3 GB per minute for writing 

Following these guidelines the tool can easily integrate multiple data sources and of course data from data warehouses.

Additional note: SAP FSDM Financial Services Management is part of FSDP SAP Financial Services Data Platform