What is CER006 ?

What is CER006 ?

CER006 is the code which SAP will use to identify the new SAP CER006 Certification in the Cloud exams. If you want to become a SAP Certified Consultant you need to acquire CER0006 directly from SAP.

The advantages you get when you are Certified are clear:

  • You will have better job opportunities

  • Differentiate yourself in the labour market

  • Higher wages

  • Access to the international market demanding skilled SAP consultants

  • Access to some projects that require certified-only consultants

Why was it named CER006?

When you acquire CER006 you acquire 6 attempts to get certified by SAP. This is the first time SAP has granted so many attempts and because of this change we have many doubts but worry not we will try to clear the Frequently Asked Questions in this blog post.

Can I use all the six attempts for only one exam code such as C_HANAIMP_16 ?

No, it is not possible for you to apply all the six attempts in CER006 to just one exam code. Let's say we wish to obtain the SAP Certified Application Associate SAP HANA 2.0 certification that has the code C_HANAIMP_16 and we have just acquired the CER006 then we jump straight and fail our first attempt.

Then we only have 5 attempts left and we can try for a second time. SAP Certification exams are tough and we have failed again, now we only have left 4 attempts but most importantly we only have one last chance to try the C_HANAIMP_16 exam. That is because you can only take one exam up to a maximum of three times.

To continue our scenario we try one more time and fail. Then we only have 3 opportunities left but most importantly we can no longer attempt C_HANAIMP_16 then, what can we do with our 3 remaining attempts? Well, one could prepare and try a different exam perhaps C_HANADEV_16 or C_HANATEC_16.

What happens if I approve in my first attempt ?

If we recently acquired CER006 and have a first go and we approve our selected exam in the first attempt then that means that you can use the second attempt for a different exam code. And if in that second attempt you also approve the second exam code then that means you can continue and apply the third attempt for yet another different exam code (and so an and so forth). To summarize, if you approve in the first attempt all your different exam codes then in that best-case scenario you'll end up with six valid international certifications and of course a great resume.

Is it really possible to approve in the first attempt ?

While it is certainly possible to approve a SAP exam in the first attempt, it is not easy! Let alone repeat the feat six times! And here at SETI we know that and that is the reason for the past decade we have been hard at work crafting the best online courses and exam guides yo help you reach this goal, contact us at promocionsap@ gmail.com or if you want to check the guide for C_HANAIMP_16 click the button:

How much time I've got to consume the six attempts for CER006 ?

From the day SAP confirms your CER006 purchase you have one year to complete all six attempts granted by CER006 but worry not, with the help of our practice tests you'll be ready in no time and you'll finish even before the year-end is closing in.

Do I have to assist physically to an office or to the SAP local or regional headquarters?

No, the reason SAP named CER006 as a Certification in the Cloud process is because it has eliminated the need to walk to an office or Pearson VUE authorized training center to attempt the exam. Now you can attempt to pass the exam from your home or from your own office which is lucky but also we need to comply with a series of prerequisites: the main one is that we need a personal computer complete with working microphone and camera.

Then, now it is easier than ever to copy or otherwise have and "open-book" or "open-internet" exam?

Actually, the opposite is truth. Now it is harder than ever to try anything like this and to understand why we have to come back to the prerequisites because if you remember of what we just said we need a laptop with a working microphone and camera because while we are at the exam we will have all the time someone looking into us and our every move. That is the "proctor". When we start the exam a new window will posses our entire screen preventing us from switching to a browser (or any other program) and most importantly this new window will have a chat section full with video chat in which we can see our proctor and chat or talk with him. That is the reason it is also mandatory to have a laptop with a working camera because the proctor will demand to see us and to check our room and physical desktop to guarantee that we have nothing at hand to cheat for that he/she will require a 360 degrees rotation of the camera. Actually, during the exam the proctor will use the camera to check our eyes all the time and we can't turn around or up or down we can only look at the current question we have on our screen.

If you think that is all, we have to discuss also sounds. Yes, remember also a prerequisite is to have a working microphone in our laptop? Well, the proctor will be listening all the time checking for someone trying to give you the answer to the exam questions or any other foreign sound. Actually, we are also not allowed to talk, at all! No foreign sounds are allowed, all the more reason to be completely alone in the room because the proctor could consider any foreign sound as cheating and might cancel our attempt.

What are the prerequisites for the exam ?

  • Personal Computer with working microphone and camera

  • Two government-issued ids with your picture (passport is suggested for at least one of them)

  • Reliable internet connection

  • Have a room to ourselves

Is it really that hard to approve any SAP certification exam?

We might have heard a lot about SAP certification exams and sometimes we decide to take a plunge and attempt the exam and we are not fully prepared only to fail our first attempt. Then we think that after the first experience now we are prepared and then we waste a second chance. Truth be told, SAP Exams are tough! But worry not use our practice tests until you have mastered the questions and then get certified in your first attempt. Every time. If you can't find the exam guide you are looking for request them at promocionsap@gmail.com